The New York Post ft. The Spiced Chickpea!

When the New York Post tagged me in their article in 2016, I probably saw the notification but I wasn't into Instagram that much. It was two years later when I saw that the New York Post website was featured in a film that I was instantly reminded of this "incident" (I knowwww...). So, I looked up the article and there it was, my trio of toasts with that trending Avocado Rose! I couldn't believe it, because my photo was featured in their article and showed between two huge foodbloggers. 

Back then my account was growing and people started following me but I still couldn't see the link. I guess I was such a Instagram newbie in comparison with what I know today. Because nowadays, I keep track of all those tags ;-)

If you want to read the New York Post article you can find it HERE!