My Dalgona Coffee photo got featured 3 times!

I remember this day like no other. It was hot day, I was bored and I had made this coffee before but hadn’t captured it yet. So, I decided to photograph it because doing these shots (a cold drink on a hot day) can be challenging and played with a few settings. This photo was the result. It was such a serene photo and if I had filmed myself you would have probably seen how chaotic is was and how fast I had to work.

Little did I know back then, that this photo got picked up by news18, goodfood Australia and ELLE Quebec! I thought it was a beautiful photo, but I didn’t think that these huge online platforms would think the same. Nonetheless, am super happy and grateful that they shared my photo. It was worth the hussle! Too bad tho, that I just discovered it now...haha!

You can read the article in news18.

You can read the article in goodfood Australia.

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