Strawberry Ade

Say hello to this creamy and fruity summer drink!

Say hello to this creamy and fruity summer drink!

For the past half year, I’ve been very much into Korean vlogs and love watching them after a loooong day. I really enjoy how aesthetically pleasing and calming they are. Plus, these vloggers put so much care into every meal. Most Korean food is freshly prepared, has lots of veggies and is well seasoned. It’s definitely a cuisine I’d like to get to know more. Also, the beverages that come with every meal are just as wonderful. One of those drinks that caught my eye and was this Strawberry Ade. Today I’m sharing two Korean inspired ades: a milky and non-milky version - perfect for summer!

I'm in love with this summer drink and I hope you will too!

I'm in love with this summer drink and I hope you will too!

My recipe is super easy to make and only takes up 15 minutes to create a batch of jammy strawberries which you can have as a hot or cold drink. I do prefer to drink my Strawberry Ade cold with soy milk and if I don’t have that on hand with (sparkling) water. You can even add the strawberry mixture to your yoghurt, over panacotta or ice cream!

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Strawberry Ade

  • Prep: 10 min
  • Total: 15 min

  • Vegetables


NOTE: this recipe makes 3 to 4 drinks.

- a basket of strawberries (about 500 gr) + extra frozen / non-frozen for assembling the drinks
- 3 tbsp sugar
- 4 tbsp water
- (soy) milk (I used Alpro, sweetened)
- water / club soda, sparkling water
- ice cubes

For garnish/toppings:
- whip cream (vegan or non-vegan)
- freeze dried strawberries (optional)


  1. Add the strawberries, sugar and water to a pot and let this cook down until all the water has evaporated. Keep stirring and smash the strawberries with a wooden spoon. This will take about 10 minutes on medium heat.

  2. Transfer the strawberry mixture to a heatproof bowl and let this completely cool down.

  3. After the strawberry mixture has cooled down, you can assemble your drinks. Start with a 3 tbsp of strawberry paste, ice cubes, frozen / non-frozen strawberry chunks and then add (soy) milk or sparkling water. Top the milky drink with whip cream and fresh strawberries or crumble some freeze dried strawberries (optional).

    - You can also add the strawberry mixture as a topping to your yoghurt, over panacotta or ice cream.
    - Add hot milk to create a strawberry latte!

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