Pearl Couscous w/ Beet Salad (Vegan)

This Pearl Couscous w/ Beet Salad is the perfect meal for a hot Summer day!

This Pearl Couscous w/ Beet Salad is the perfect meal for a hot Summer day!

I came up with this recipe when I bought some red beets a while ago which I wanted to incorporate in a Russian Beet Salad. Eventually it became something inspired on it and I then served it with the Pearl Couscous to give it more body and texture. You can also serve it with my delicious Vegan “Steak” which you can chop up and throw in the salad or have it aside. 

I really enjoyed this salad, it was light, fresh and perfect for a hot Summer day! Make it soon!

Pearl Couscous w/ Beet Salad (Vegan)

  • Prep: 15 min
  • Total: 35 min

  • Vegetables


NOTE: This recipe serves 3-4 people.

For the Pearl Couscous:
- 2 sachets of Lassie’s Parel Couscous (cooked in a stock cube)
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- ¼ tsp garlic powder
- fresh or dried parsley
- salt & pepper to taste

For the Beet Salad:
- 2 cooked beets (chopped into cubes)
- 1 green apple (peeled and chopped into cubes)
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- ½ tsp of vinegar / lemon juice
- good handful of chopped walnuts
- feta (vegan) cheese (use as much as you like)
- salt & pepper

For the Creamy Sauce:
- 2 tbsp of mayonnaise
- 1 tbsp of sour cream
- splash of lemon juice
- salt & pepper to taste

For garnish:
- lettuce leaves
- walnuts
- feta cheese
- parsley

Serving TIP:
I served this Beet Salad on top of the Pearl Couscous and tossed that on a plate with some green leaves (seasoned with olive oil, salt & pepper). Have it with my Vegan "Steak" or enjoy it with a store-bought vegan burger.


1. For the Isreali couscous I followed the package instructions and seasoned the water with a stock cube (chicken, beef, veggie, what you prefer). When the couscous is cooked, I fluff it up with a fork. While the couscous is still hot, I add the olive oil, garlic powder, parsley and season it with salt & pepper to taste. Mix well and set this aside.

2. Then cut the cooked beets into cubes and marinate this in the olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice. Add the walnuts, feta cheese and season with salt & pepper to taste. Mix well and set this aside.

3. In the meantime we’ll make the Creamy Sauce by combining all the ingredients in a bowl. Check for seasoning!

4. Finally, we will assemble the salad! Pour the couscous on a big oval shaped plate. Make a hole in the middle and add the beet salad. Then garnish the side with some lettuce leaves and sprinkle some chopped walnuts, feta cheese and parsley.

NOTE: if you want to serve these with my Vegan “Steak” or need to heat up vegan burgers, then store the salad in the fridge. I like it best when it served cold but that depends on your taste. Either way enjoy it!

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