Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Chicken Taco Meat

Do you have some leftover taco meat? Well, stuff them in a grilled cheese sandwich and thank me later!

Do you have some leftover taco meat? Well, stuff them in a grilled cheese sandwich and thank me later!

This grilled cheese sandwich actually happened when I made some chicken taco meat for my tacos, but eventually it landed on top of some nachos & cheese. Then the next day, these leftovers ended up in a grilled cheese sandwich. And no taco shells were actually hurt. You're probably wondering now, why am I telling you this? Well, sometimes I surprise myself too ;-) But this chicken taco meat is actually the bomb and very versatile to use (in taco shells (duh), tortilla wraps, Mexican rice bowls - you name it!). It’s super simple, packed with flavours and even better the next day! Make some soon and leave some leftovers for your own fiesta lunch ;-)

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Chicken Taco Meat

  • Prep: 15 min
  • Total: 25 min

  • Meat


NOTE: this recipe is for 3 or 4 persons. 

For the chicken taco meat:
- 350 gr chicken (beef/turkey/vegan) mince
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- ½ tsp garlic powder
- ½ tsp onion powder (or half of a white onion)
- ½ tsp of Pimenton powder,
- ¼ tsp coriander powder
- ¼ tsp cumin powder. 
- ¼ cup water
- 1 tbsp canned/fresh jalapeño (finely chopped)
- salt & pepper to taste or a chicken stock cube

For the grilled cheese sandwich:
- 6-8 slices of brown/white bread (I bought an Artisan bread and sliced it myself)
- 2 cups of white/yellow cheddar cheese (grated)
- Jalapeño (fresh or in a jar and as much as you like) 
- salsa
- sprouts/lettuce
- avocado sauce (optional)


1. In a pan add your olive oil, chicken mince and spices. Let this cook on a medium heat before you add the water. Mix really well and cook further on a medium heat until the water is dissolved and the chicken is cooked (about 10-15 min). Remove the pan from the heat and set this aside.

2. Toast your bread in a pan. Then place the grated cheese on one side. Let this melt with the lid on top. When your cheese is melted remove the slices bread and place them on a plate.

3. Assemble your toast by layering it with the salsa, the meat, sprouts/avocado slices and jalapeños. Place the other toast on top and cut in half. Serve with some guacamole or my avocado sauce and enjoy!

- Use the taco meat in taco shells, in a wrap or over nachos or rice.
- Swap the chicken mince for another meat or vegan alternative.

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