Fried Rice w/ Fashjong (Chinese Chicken Sausage)

Promise me you'll make this soon!

Promise me you'll make this soon!

Just looking at this photo is making me crave another bowl of this steamy and aromatic goodness! Compared with some spice chili oil you got yourself a real treat! So, forget about takeaways (just for this days) and enjoy my Fried Rice w/ Fa Chong!

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Fried Rice w/ Fashjong (Chinese Chicken Sausage)

  • Prep: 15 min
  • Total: 35 min

  • Meat


NOTE: this recipe serves 4 people.

- 2 cups of cooked (leftover) rice (I used Basmati but a thicker grain like Jasmin is better) 
- 2 chicken Fa Chong (you can get these at Surinamese or Asian stores, defrost the sausages and remove the skin) 
- 3 tbsp sunflower oil 
- 2 eggs 
- 3 spring onions finely chopped 
- ½ cup of peas 
- ½ cup of carrots (cut in cubes) 
- 2 tsp garlic paste or 2 garlic cloves (minced) 
- 1 tsp ginger (minced) 
- 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce (use less or more) 
- 1 tbsp oyster sauce 
- salt & pepper to taste


  1. Beat the eggs and season them with salt & pepper. Then heat up 1 tbsp of oil and scramble the eggs in the pan. Cook until two third is cooked and transfer to a bowl.

    N.B.: you’ll notice that the eggs are still “saucy” this is good, because it will give your white rice a yellow colour. 

  2. Then fry the chicken sausages in the same pan (no oil) until crispy. Remove with a slotted spoon. 

    N.B.: the sausages will have a skin. Defrost them first, place them in some hot water and remove the skin with a knive. Please don’t burn or cut yourself.

  3. Heat up 2 tbsp of oil in the same pan and add the white part of the spring onion, carrots and peas. Toss for a few minutes and then add the ginger, garlic and fried sausages.

  4. After a few minutes add the rice, soy and oyster sauce. Mix well and end with the scrambled eggs. Toss and turn on medium heat and serve immediately with some chili oil or my Spicy Surinamese Chicken Wings

    - Replace your sausages for a Halal or vegan type. You can also add shrimp to this fried rice.

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