10X Recipes To Brighten Up These Gloomy Days

Fall season is here and boy it’s raining cats and dogs and whatever animals there’s left… These days, I’m longing so much for Summer because there was so much to do and so many sun rays to catch. And I guess Corona doesn’t makes this any easier for us too. But chin up, this too shall pass ;-) 

With darker days ahead of us, we need to brighten them up. For me food is the best way to solve these moods. It can recall memories; you can have some kitchen fun by making recipes, and comforting flavours can enhance or lift your mood a bit. I’m not saying, food is the cure to solve ALL (I mean, I wish) your problems, but it can help a little! I guess it's those little things that matter these days.

So foodies, non-foodies, curious visitors, families and everyone else, I'm sharing 10 go-to meals that will instantly give you that nourishing and comforting feeling. Are you ready for this?

Roasted Pumpkin

Roasted Pumpkin

  1. Roasted Pumpkin
    Whenever I roast pumpkin, I make sure to roast enough because I can’t stop eating these orange nuggets when they come out of the oven. Enjoy them with my Pumpkin Tortilla, as side veggie dish or have them in a filling salad.

  2. Apple Tea
    Hot or cold this Apple Tea is screaming: Fall and is so easy to make. You’ll need an apple, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla bean and water. Adjust the sweetness and zing to your taste and enjoy this beverage with a romantic Netflix movie.

  3. White Bean Soup w/ Chicken Sausages
    Whether it’s raining or storming outside…or not, this soup is instantly calming! I guess it's the idea of holding something hot, comforting and cozy makes your moods instantly shift to a better place. Try out this creamy dreamy soup yourself and thank me later ;-) 
White Bean Soup w/ Chicken Sausages

White Bean Soup w/ Chicken Sausages

  1. Red Lentil Dal
    Dal is a much-loved dish by my family, and we make it a lot at home whenever we have a vegetarian meal. It’s so comforting to eat and can transport you back home with that familiar and aromatic scent. Also, you can have this dal as a lentil soup! Easy peasy, right? 

  2. Sevai Kheer (Indian Vermicelli Dessert)
    Puddings are always a comforting and cozy idea. And this Indian pudding is one you’d eat on the couch and have seconds, and thirds and probably end up with the whole pan on your lab. My lips are sealed if you do ;-)

  3. Surinamese Stuffed Mushrooms
    A little fusion never hurt nobody, right? Well bring back the tropical Surinamese vibes in your kitchen with these delicious stuffed mushrooms! Spicy, creamy and cheesy is what I crave these days, and maybe you too.
Sevai Kheer

Sevai Kheer

  1. Grilled Brie Toast w/ Garlicky Mushrooms
    This toast is next level! It has a thick layer of Brie and is topped with garlicky mushroom goodness, which will immediately satisfy your toast cravings...Perfect start to a hearty breakfast or lunch!

  2. Roasted Pumpkin Tortilla
    Leftover Roasted Pumpkin? Well, make my Pumpkin Tortilla and bring some sunny rays into your kitchen. These are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  3. Creamy Leek Mash w/ Ginger Chili Sausage (Stamppot)
    This classic Dutch dish with a Chinese twist is what you’ll be needing these days when it comes to rustling up a fall/winter midweek meal! Creamy soft mash, with buttery leek and a spicy ginger chili sausage - bring it onnn!

  4. Egg Drop Soup for the Soul
    Whenever I feel sniffy or snotty, I make this soup! It’s the perfect soul satisfying meal and you can make a huge batch too. 
Creamy Leek Mash w/ Ginger Chili Sausage

Creamy Leek Mash w/ Ginger Chili Sausage